Genine has turned into a walking Zombie …

by Alli and Genine on June 15, 2012 · 5 comments

Last night I woke up at 2.29am – for the third time this week. The same time every night. I even know the time before I look at the alarm clock. I feel like a walking Zombie straight out of a B-grade movie!

Genine didn't sleep well last night

Who’s with me?

You know those nights when something wakes you up (in my case, needing a wee so having to trot naked, in the freezing cold and dark and generally bumping into a few walls on the way) then your mind starts ticking away and you can’t get back to sleep?

There’s nothing you can do – counting sheep doesn’t work, nor does channelling a bit of Zen or sleeping on your tummy. That silly little brain just keeps buzzing away. I mean, what is the point of it? Thinking about the budget spreadsheet at 2:00am ain’t going to help me while lying in my bed and reminding myself constantly, at 3:47am, to talk to the designer about using gold on the cover is nothing but annoying.

Do you wake up the same time every morning too?

I know many of you will be shouting, “Keep a pad of paper by your bed so you can write your thoughts down”, but you know what? That means actually waking up completely and turning on the bloody light (hence waking everyone else up in the process). Then I REALLY can’t get back to sleep.

So here are my top tips for dealing with the midnight wake-ups;

  • Try reading War and Peace before you go to sleep. This ‘classic’ novel is so verbose and uses such flowery words it’s guaranteed to put any one to sleep!
  • Stay up well past midnight so that when you do finally wake up in the middle of the night, it will actually be just about time to get up. NOTE: Side effect is that by 3:00pm you’ll think it’s bedtime so you will have to crawl up under your work desk for a kip. Side effect of side effect: Your boss will no doubt be unimpressed so don’t expect that raise anytime soon.

    3pm is the new bedtime for Genine

  • Don’t let a small furry dog sleep in the bed with you. Yes, yes, I know that letting your dog sleep in your bed is the start of all sorts of problems, but it’s so cold at the moment and she’s just so cute! Drawback is she has been overheating since we got the electric blanket but refuses to actually sleep in her own dog bed like a real dog (some would argue real dogs sleep outside – not in this house!). Instead, she ‘tells’ me every half hour how hot she is, and then promptly crawls straight back under the doona.
  • Get up and watch a few infomercials … that will put ANYONE back to sleep. Zzzz …
  • And lastly, try drinking four glasses of straight scotch before bed time. Not three – not quite enough. And not five – five scotches can lead to Facebooking old boyfriends. It’s just like playing pool (I am crap after three drinks, but awesome after four, shithouse after five – it’s a small window of opportunity to be a pool shark).

Cheers to a good nights sleep!

Genine x

What are your tips for going back to sleep?

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Jeanne June 15, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Oh I hear ya Sista! I’m often awake then too, with the brain chatter going at a million miles an hour – I feel like ‘death warmed up’ most days! Oh to have 8 hours of blissful non-stop sleep… what’s that like I wonder? Yes, I’ve also been told to write notes too, but like you I can’t disturb snoring hubby at that time of day can I? One tip I can offer – don’t sleep naked! Then when you get up in the wee (‘scuse the pun :) small hours at least you won’t freeze your buns off! Try hot chocolate and a good book in a quiet corner of the lounge for an hour or so… that works sometimes. I’m off for a nanna nap now (the joys of working from home) hoo roo!


Alli and Genine June 15, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Enjoy your nana nap Jeanne! xx


Vanessa June 16, 2012 at 11:34 am

In re your dog comments: there are ‘heated’ beds for dogs now so if your pooch has been enjoying the ‘heat’ from your own bed find one of them ? Or put a hot water bottle plus a piece of clothing that ‘smells’ like you in her own bed so it makes it more ‘attractive’.

Granted, I’ve a client who’s dog alternates throughout the night from on the bed to on its own bed then at a specific time in the AM wants to sleep under the covers with you…

Anyway, a little training will go a long way there.. maybe put the bed outside your bedroom and a baby gate ?

There was an app Mari Smith recently recommended for insomniacs called pzizz sleep — otherwise try any of these: (please forgive me if you don’t have an iPhone)

Warm milk supposedly also helps sleep.

Plus in the end it is a mental thing – train yourself :) If I find my mind is going bonkers and I really need to get back to sleep (for me it’s usually because of a pet that I’m awake when “I” want to be awake)… I just keep chanting: I am asleep. I am tired. (and because I’m focusing on this and my breath it calms my mind and next thing I’m asleep)


Alli and Genine June 16, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Thanks Vanessa! Funnily enough we did actually put the dog beds outside the room wit ha ababy gate – worked a treat UNTIL one of the dogs passed away … we then got sad and let the other one in the bed again! Yes, the training is for US not the dog, hey …!
Thanks for the tips, will give them a try tonight! Genine x


Rochelle Stone June 16, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Switch the scotch to wine – its easier on the tummy :)

As a reformed Furfriend in the bed person, I’ve learnt a little bit of tough love is in order. After all, they do have a bundle of fur to keep them warm, my smallest one (toy poodle) has a cute little jacket made from flannel and cotton fill to keep him warm.

With a mind that never stops, no matter what time of day or night, I practice focusing on a mantra and repeating it over as part of a meditation, which allows the anxiety to shift and the sleepy stage to overtake.


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